Mum's Quilt - Almost There!

On the home stretch! I didn't like the sheep I had started under the foreground tree so I covered them up with scraps of dyed fabric, trims and yarn. I used a needle felting tool to attach the scraps then did a little free motion stitching just to make sure everything was anchored securely. (Needle felting is the interlocking of fibers by punching barbed felting needles through both layers of fibers or fabrics). I left several edges unattached, to give a 3-D effect that looks like grasses or bushes. This area looks much more interesting now and I'm much happier with it (except for one piece of yarn that stands out too much; I'll probably paint over it). Plus needle felting is really fun! I did the same thing with the big tree, using georgette scraps for the leaf masses, and again doing it 3-D.

The sheep in the near meadow are basically wads of silk threads that I collect from fraying edges of my silk while I'm painting. Sharon, remember all those threads we saved in class? Well here they are! I used a single felting needle to wad and attach them, giving the sheep some dimension too. I think they're cute in a raggedy kind of way!

I added some yarns by hand to delineate the wheat fields, and hand-quilted the meadows with embroidery thread. All that's left is to put on the binding and do some more hand embellishments and I'll be done!