Mum's Quilt 4

It's been a busy week and I haven't got much further with this but here's my progress. So the piece is now a bit longer than intended - I found the bottom strip in my scrap bag: it looked like hills and was the right color, so bingo! Problem of angels being too near the bottom solved. I've started roughing in some sheep with acrylic paint and I added the words. I printed them out on Extravorganza (silk organza that's treated to run through the printer) and cut them into strips to look like those banners that angels seem to like unfurling. I then fused the organza strips to the quilt with Misty Fuse. The sheer wheat stalks on the left are also organza backed with Misty Fuse. I fused a piece of gold organza to the MF first, then drew the wheat on the fabric. I cut the design out with my greatest discovery for the year - the Creative Textile Tool. It's a heat tool with a fine point that you literally draw with and it burns right through the fabric - way faster than a scissors! You can't see it in the photo, but the wheat organza has tiny embedded gold beads scattered throughout so it has a nice touch of sparkle. I haven't done the stitching on it yet - that's next.

I'm headed to the NC mountains for a few days for fall leafing - I hear they're at about peak now, so it should be spectacular - looking forward to fresh inspiration!