New work started - Mum's quilt

My 91-year old mom asked me to do a piece for her depicting the last verses of Psalm 65: "The hills are girded with joy, the meadows are covered with flocks, the valleys are decked with wheat. They shout for joy, yes they sing!" She's given me free reign to create it however I want.

Rather than just 'paint a pretty picture', I wanted to do something really fun that would convey the exuberance of the words, and not necessarily realistic. I decided I'd make a quilted collage, using lots of reds (which denote energy) and yellows (which denote happiness). So this is the first 'picture' part of it that I've dye-painted, still attached to my painting frame. The golden fields are supposed to be the wheat and I'll be adding sheep in some form or fashion to the green meadows. The red hills are screaming joy! I need to dig in my scrap bag for pieces I can use for borders and other collaged bits. I'll post my progress here as I go along. Wish me luck - it needs to be done by Christmas!