Mum's Quilt 3

I've finally started the free motion stitching, on the sky, mountains and wheat fields. The fusible fleece is giving me the low-loft look I want, but it's stiffer than regular batting, so it's a bit more unwieldy in terms of folding and rolling as I move it around on the machine.

I found some cute angel stamps in my stash, which were perfect for this piece. I did them in gold and bronze metallic paint and outline-stitched with gold thread. I've literally only just realized, after seeing the picture, that the small angels are much too close to the bottom! I guess it's true what they say about a second pair of eyes - in this case the camera! My final border is going to be a sheer organza overlay that will extend about 3/4" into the painting, and would partially hide the angels (the green border visible now is the backing fabric, which will be trimmed away). I'm going to have add an extra piece on to the bottom to 'fix' it. Oh well. As I tell my students - there are no mistakes, only OC's - Opportunities for Creativity!