I've recently started exploring acrylics and have fallen in love with the pouring method. This means that the paint - which is usually like a gel - is made more fluid and pourable by the addition of water and fluid acrylic mediums. Instead of using a brush, the paint is poured and dripped onto the support (canvas or sealed panel), then the support  is tilted and turned to make the paint move around the canvas. Fingers, a palette knife, and air blown onto the wet paint, creates further movement. This technique is about 3 parts "going with the flow"  and 1 part (or less) "control"!

Click image for a larger view and more info about the painting. Contact me to inquire about availability of original paintings. Art prints and other printed items are available in my Print-on-Demand shop. [I'm still in the process of uploading POD images... if you don't see the print you want, let me know and I'll upload it for you!]

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 Ghost Flower, 10 x 8

Ghost Flower, 10 x 8

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