Felt Collar #N045

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Felt Collar #N045


Felting is a technique in which loose wool and other fibers are layered together and saturated with soapy water. Through a process of agitation, the loose fibers interlock with each other to create a new fabric that is soft and light but very warm.

The process causes shrinkage of the fibers, and use of different types of fibers creates organic textures as each shrinks at a different rate. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art that cannot be reproduced!

The main wool I use in my scarves is a very fine guage merino - the softest sheep's wool for next-to-skin comfort.

Fibers in this scarf: Merino wool, embellished with wool yarn.

Colors: Orange, purple, magenta,  blue, yellow, cream

Approx. Size: 54 in. (20 x 137 cm.)

This piece features dreads at one end and several holes at the end to thread them through. You get a different look with each hole you tie the dreads through!

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