New Work + A Spring Daze Coupon!

Just a few more days to go till my first show of the year - Spring Daze in Cary - I love that it's right in my hometown! It'll be in Bond Park, which is off High House Rd.,  between Maynard Rd. and Cary Parkway. Hours are 9 - 5 on Saturday April 29th. The forecast is for a beautiful sunny day! I'm in booth F29, just above the Earth Day section... stop in and say hi!

The week before a show is always a scramble to get those last few pieces finished and this one was no exception! These felted works are my latest.

This nuno felted shawl started out all white - merino wool, silk and bamboo fibers on sheer silk gauze. The 1st photo below shows it all laid out, before felting. The shimmery bits are the  silk and bamboo fibers. After felting,  I decided to paint it with dye.

I used Colorhue dye, which I haven't used on felt before. It's supposed to dye wool as well as silk, and it seemed that way while I was painting, but imagine my horror when I rinsed the shawl out and lots of dye went down the sink! The silk dyed beautifully, but most of the dye washed out of the wool!   

BUT...  I love the effect! Since the wool did retain some of the dye and it matches the pattern on the silk, it looks like a translucent layer floating on top of the darker background. Serendipity does flow out of mistakes sometimes and I think I'll do this again intentionally!

Find this shawl listed here in my shop.


This colorful asymmetrical scarf has a totally different feel - it's all pre-dyed wool and yarn. Its dreads and many holes offer a variety of ways to wear it. Anything but run-of-the-mill!

Listed here in the shop.

Save at Spring Daze! 

If you're coming to Spring Daze, be sure to make use of the coupon below! Click to print it out, or just show me on your phone.  



Green arrow points to my booth, F29.


Maybe see you Saturday!