New: Round Beach Towels With My Art!

Who doesn’t like a pretty beach towel?  Just in time for beach and picnic season, the folks at are now printing artists’ work on beach towels! The newest and most popular ones are round. They are 60" in diameter and made from ultra-soft plush microfiber with a 100% cotton back. The image is printed on the front and the back is white. Tassels all around the edge complete the look.

They are pretty cool - here are some examples of my silk paintings printed on the round towels. You can find these and many more in my online Print Shop. You'll never lose your towel among the multitudes on the beach with these unique designs!


You can also get regular rectangular beach towels (32 x 64 in.) and beach sheets (37 x 74 in. ) too. Same fabric as the round ones -


And for carrying all your stuff, grab a Weekender tote bag! I love these - very stylish with a 1" rope cord handle that goes over your shoulder. The tote is made from soft, poly-poplin fabric and features double-stitched seams for added durability.   At 16" x 24", they can hold lots!


There are all kinds of other items that you can get adorned with my artwork -  art prints, greeting cards, phone cases,  throw pillows,  bath towels, t-shirts and even battery chargers! Check them all out at

Variations on a Theme

If you're ever in a creative slump... and doesn't it happen to all of us... one of the easiest ways to clamber out of it is to start with a design you've already done, and just change a couple of things about it in the next piece, then make a a change or two in following piece, and so on. Before you know it, you have a series of new creations!

These five scarves nicely illustrate the progression of this process.

This one was the beginning of the series. The basic design is 3 colored stripes along the length of the scarf, bordered by grey on either side. Secondary patterns of lines or circles within each stripe complete the design.


No. 2 - here I changed the middle colors and my stripes and lines got more wavy and irregular. The circles moved from the outer grey border to the center stripe.


No. 3 was a simple change of colors for the inner stripe. I kept the open circles in the center stripe and added a subtle spiral design to the grey borders.


No. 4 still follows the pattern of grey on the outsides and colors in the middle. This time I made the circles in the center stripe solid instead of open, and added color to the grey borders. For the sake of harmony, I used the same colors as in the middle stripes to paint spirals along one edge and solid circles along the other.


Nothing subtle about No. 5! I liked the blue so much in scarf no. 3 that I decided to make it the main color along the edges in this one. It has a completely different feel to the others, with the bold primary colors dominating and the grey being just a small neutral accent... but it's still the same basic design as the first scarf.

Again I used the red and yellow from the middle stripes to make patterns in the blue... so now thanks to color mixing of the transparent dyes,  new colors (blue-violet and yellow-green) have been created. The other change is that the spirals have moved to the center stripe and the borders now have solid and open circles.

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into the creation of a series! With the concept of making simple changes from one the piece to the next, I could make an almost infinite number of scarves, each one being different from, but related to the others.

If you'd like to wear one of these scarves you can order from my online scarf shop, or visit Village Art Circle Gallery.

Same Design, Different Color Palette = Big Change in Look

Color and its effects are truly fascinating! In my silk scarf painting, I often repeat a design that I've done before, but use different color combinations and/or styles of painting to make each scarf one of a kind... and I thought I'd share some examples with you!

 For each of these pairs of scarves, I first drew a 'master' design on paper and then traced it onto different scarves, making variations as I went. I can never do the same thing twice, even when I'm just tracing...

Each of these two water lily scarves actually contain the same colors. But by changing the placement of colors and their ratios to each other, each scarf has an entirely different feel to it.

hand painted  scarves water lilies

These two water lily scarves measure 14 x 72 inches are are available in my website shop.


The four scarves below were all created from the same original idea - flowers scattered along a single border - but changes in color and of course the different flowers, make four totally different scarves.

The organic blending and patterns that are formed as the dyes move and dry on the silk also contribute to the uniqueness of each scarf. The dyes are unpredictable and never behave the same way from one time to the next... so even if I repeated adesign and color combination, I couldn't make it exactly like the original... believe me, I've tried!

The sunflowers and orchids have already been sold, but I'd be glad to create a new, similar scarf for you! Contact me or order from the shop.

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into my creative process! It can be frustrating when the dyes don't do what I think they're going to do, but usually the surprises are good ones, and the only person seeing the 'mistakes' is me.

Color Inspiration: Pantone Spring Color Report

Twice a year - spring and fall - the color experts at Pantone release what's called a "Fashion Color Report", which forecasts the colors we see on the fashion runways and stores during a particular season.

Personally, I don't pay much attention to it - I wear whatever I want to wear, not what someone else tells me I "should" wear. Plus I don't buy new clothes each season. Over the years I've found my customers to be pretty much the same.

However the color reports are great for giving me ideas for new color combinations and getting me out of a color rut. I go to the hardware store and get paint chips in all the colors so I can move them around and see what looks good with what.

pantone Spring 2016 Color forecast


Here are 2 scarves created with the Spring 2016 Color Report in mind. Other than the "Peach Echo", for which I decided to substitute a truer orange, I mixed my colors fairly close to what's on the chart.

This scarf has all 10 colors - there's nothing it won't go with!


Gray was never a color on my palette until fairly recently. Now I love it as a balance to my bright colors! I added just a touch of cool purple to a neutral gray to make my version of Pantone's "Lilac Gray". It's a wonderful offset to the warm orange and red in this scarf.

I sold both of these scarves last weekend, but you can order similar ones in the scarf shop on my website. Stay tuned for more Pantone-inspired scarves!

Spring Daze & Apex PeakFest are Coming Up!

Come celebrate spring this Saturday April 30th at Cary's 23rd annual Spring Daze! The show takes place in a wonderful setting - Fred G. Bond Park, Cary’s 310-acre urban park on High House Rd. Nestled under the shady canopy of Bond Park, Spring Daze features over 180 North Carolina artists, entertainment on four stages, a wide variety of festival food and Cary’s annual Earth Day Celebration. It's always a fun-filled day!

Spring Daze postcard

This is a map of the show area - my silk and felted scarves and I will be in F30.

The following Saturday May 7th is Apex Peakfest, on Salem St. in downtown Apex NC. Booths line Salem St. from Center St. to Williams St. You'll find me in # 36A.


In addition to over 200 arts, crafts, food and commercial vendors,  there will be three stages of entertainment, Roving Entertainers and a Kids Zone, so there is plenty to come out and see. 

Do join us at Spring Daze and PeakFest!