New Work + A Spring Daze Coupon!

Just a few more days to go till my first show of the year - Spring Daze in Cary - I love that it's right in my hometown! It'll be in Bond Park, which is off High House Rd.,  between Maynard Rd. and Cary Parkway. Hours are 9 - 5 on Saturday April 29th. The forecast is for a beautiful sunny day! I'm in booth F29, just above the Earth Day section... stop in and say hi!

The week before a show is always a scramble to get those last few pieces finished and this one was no exception! These felted works are my latest.

This nuno felted shawl started out all white - merino wool, silk and bamboo fibers on sheer silk gauze. The 1st photo below shows it all laid out, before felting. The shimmery bits are the  silk and bamboo fibers. After felting,  I decided to paint it with dye.

I used Colorhue dye, which I haven't used on felt before. It's supposed to dye wool as well as silk, and it seemed that way while I was painting, but imagine my horror when I rinsed the shawl out and lots of dye went down the sink! The silk dyed beautifully, but most of the dye washed out of the wool!   

BUT...  I love the effect! Since the wool did retain some of the dye and it matches the pattern on the silk, it looks like a translucent layer floating on top of the darker background. Serendipity does flow out of mistakes sometimes and I think I'll do this again intentionally!

Find this shawl listed here in my shop.


This colorful asymmetrical scarf has a totally different feel - it's all pre-dyed wool and yarn. Its dreads and many holes offer a variety of ways to wear it. Anything but run-of-the-mill!

Listed here in the shop.

Save at Spring Daze! 

If you're coming to Spring Daze, be sure to make use of the coupon below! Click to print it out, or just show me on your phone.  



Green arrow points to my booth, F29.


Maybe see you Saturday!


Cary Spring Daze is April 29th!

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.50.38 AM.png

Even though it has decidedly felt like summer many times over the past few weeks in NC, it's still spring, and Cary's celebration of spring gets underway on Saturday April 29th.

Spring Daze will be held as usual in the beautiful setting of Bond Park.

In addition to 170 artists, there's entertainment, food and family fun in the Children's Village, SportsZone and Earth Day areas. Plus boat rentals on Bond Lake!

I'll be in booth # F29 - see the green arrow on the Festival map below. More festival info and a larger map here.


Here is a preview of some of the painted silk scarves I'll have at the festival ~

~ and some of felted silk + wool (nuno felted) ones ~

I hope you'll come have a fun day with us!

Thanks for reading,

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Zentangle Inspired Silk Paintings

In a nutshell, Zentangle is an intriguing art form where you build intricate-looking patterns called tangles, using a relatively easy stroke by stroke formula. I've incorporated Zentangle into scarves before (see this post), but this is a set of tiny paintings, just 4 x 4 in.

I fished some pieces of abstract, swirly, painted silk out of my scrap bag and adhered them to stretched canvases (forgot to take pics of them a† this stage). I then got out my black fabric pens and started drawing some of my favorite tangles. I had no preconceived idea of how any of these would turn out... I just started drawing at one point on the canvas and the patterns evolved from there. Shading was done with a graphite pencil afterwards.

I called this series 'The Gift' because after my first stage of drawing - the central motif with radiating arms - looked like ribbons around a parcel. Although they don't look much like parcels anymore, I'd thought I'd keep the name anyway!

These next two are a little different in that the scrap painted silk had more defined areas of color. Instead of drawing a whole Zentangle I filled in some areas with various tangles. I used a very fine fabric pen for the shading on these.

The sides of these little paintings are painted black and they are ready to hang or display on a mini easel. Contact me if you're interested in inviting any of them into your home!

Starting is the Hardest Part

New year, new stuff! At the beginning of the year, I resolved to quit putting off something that I've been dying to try but kept finding excuses not to get started - acrylic abstract painting. I had paints, I had canvases. But every time I looked at a blank canvas, I bolted. No more!

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, I'd become fascinated with poured acrylic paintings. This means that the paint - which is usually like a gel or paste - is made more fluid and pourable by the addition of water and/or fluid acrylic mediums. The paint is poured onto the canvas, then the canvas is tilted and turned to make the paint move around the canvas. I finally stopped just watching and started doing!

Here are some of my first pieces - they are a combination of pouring and finger painting.



Just like in silk painting and felting, the outcome of these poured paintings is quite unpredictable... do you notice a trend here? Other than pouring blobs of color in the places I think I want them, I'm not starting off with any preconceived idea of what the painting should look like. 

To some extent I can control the direction in which the paint flows and make adjustments to the developing composition as I go... but the organic patterns that are created when the paints interact with each other is pure serendipity!

Dear Reader, if you're a creator... of art, writing, music or whatever... you know how scary it can be to put these bits and pieces of yourself out there for the world to see and judge! That was definitely the case with me. But I have been very encouraged by the positive feedback I've received about these paintings from those who have seen them and am looking forward to doing lots more!

Thanks for reading,

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Where are my Scarves?

Find them at

    Happy Holidays!

    To all my blog/newsletter readers, Facebook friends and followers, admirers and purchasers of my work - thank you! Your support has meant so much to me. And a special thank you to all who thought enough of my work to share it with someone as a gift!

    As an especially contentious year comes to a close, I'd like to send you this wish ~


    On another note, I'm happy to say that I got my online Felt Scarf Shop up and running last week! Although it and my Silk Scarf Shop are "on holiday" until the beginning of the year, you can go ahead and make a purchase now to reserve the scarf, and I'll ship it as soon as I return home the first week of January.

    Meanwhile, you can find my scarves in person at:
    Village Art Circle, Ashworth Village, 200 S. Academy St., Cary NC 27511. (Silks only)
    Gallery 311, 311 W. Martin St., Raleigh NC 27601. (Silk and felted)
    Joyful Jewel, 44-A Hillsboro St., Pittsborough NC 27312. (Silk and felted)

    Thanks for reading... see you next year!