Imagine a piece of shimmering, white, silk stretched on a frame. You dip your brush into some liquid dye and touch it to the silk. Instantly there’s an explosion of brilliant color as the dye spreads over the silk. Add another color and the dyes dance together on the silk, moving and blending as they go. Add water or salt, and spontaneous organic textures develop and take on a life of their own. It's fun to watch the dyes and silk interact - I hope you'll enjoy the outcome in my wearable and hangable silk art!

I use several different types of silk in my work, from sheer chiffon to heavyweight dupioni. Each has its own personality, each dances differently with the dyes. In my basic technique I brush liquid dyes onto stretched, white silk. For clearly defined shapes, I use either gutta resist to enclose the dyes, (serti technique) or wax to mask dyed areas (batik technique). Movement of the fluid dyes is a characteristic feature of silk painting, and as they dry, the dyes create spontaneous and unpredictable textural effects. As the dyes move and merge on the silk, the result is a creation that can never be reproduced exactly, so that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

I love that painting on silk is such an interactive process, filled with life. It’s a dance between the artist, the liquid, transparent colors spreading across the surface, and the silk itself, which influences how the dyes react with it. I love the way the already luminescent silk develops extra sparkle when it is dyed. As they dry, the dyes create spontaneous and unpredictable, organic textural effects, making each piece a unique surprise. What’s not to love?

current/upcoming events


311 Gallery

'Birds of a Feather' exhibit. Opening Friday February 7th, 6 - 9 pm. Runs to February 26th.

Birds interpreted in every way imaginable! I have 2 silk paintings in this juried exhibition.



311 West Martin Street, Raleigh, NC 27601 
Gallery hours: Wed-Sat 11:30-4 pm



An evening of art spiced with live music, good food and lively conversation. Join us! 

Exhibits last till the next Final Friday.

Waverly Artists Gallery

African Art 

This month we invite you to join us for an evening of wine, food, fun, laughter and art by our family of artists and music by the awesome jazz guitarist Heath Tuttle.

This presentation of African Art will be a departure from how you have experienced art at our gallery in the past. Emmanuel Nzeza Delay’s work has never been shown in the US and it is really quite exciting.  His mediums include pastels, acrylics, gouaches and some primitive art.  He is a trained artist and teacher who has come to America to try to make it as an artist.  

 One of our values at Waverly Artists is to help others and to expose our community to beauty. We believe you will find that his range of work is amazing, including figurative, animals, story and landscape.

Why is this an unusual show for WAG? We always have our work displayed in gallery ready presentation. That will not be the case this time.  Emmanuel is trying to sell work to get started and he cannot invest in framing.  For you as our friends this will be a unique opportunity to see some very original art, at prices that are far below his South African market price. It will be chance to give someone a start.


302 Colonnades Way, Suite 209.
At Waverly Place Shopping Center (corner of Tryon and Kildaire Farm Rd), behind the flag poles.


Village Art Circle

New Work by Kimberly Avis and Bettina Lewicki 

Alvis will be showcasing her new paintings inspired by her recent trip to Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos.  Lewicki will be showing her naturalistic paintings. Both artists are classically trained and bring all their talent and experience to their art.

Ashworth Village, 200 S Academy Street, Suite 130